New PC Games – Death Stranding PC Game Review

The new PC games of 2021 are as diverse as the new breed of gamers. Forget about the old-style point and click, with new PC gaming you will find hidden object scenes, city scapes and dark future sci fi worlds waiting to be discovered. There are more open-ended games now than ever before. No longer are PC gamers confined to playing the same old RPG’s that have been around forever, but they can dive into new and unique worlds of cybernetic living.

One such new pc game of 2021 is death stranding. When you play this game, you take on the role of Will Marlowe, who must save his friend’s family from the supernatural menace called the ghost of his dead wife. You will have to find out exactly what happened to Will and get help from some new friends in order to clear your name and win back the love of your life. But there is something else brewing in this fast paced adventure, the story line is connected to the award winning horror movie “The Winger”. Both the trailers looked amazingly creepy, so I went right to play it…

Another one of the all time favorites in the new pc games of 2021 is called rattle duck. This is an adventure-based PC game where you must travel through a very interesting open world. You will have tons of choices, puzzles and tasks to complete in order to advance through the game. You will also have to avoid dangerous animals, avoid deadly traps and puzzles to finish your adventure. You will also find yourself taking part in a captivating storyline and fighting alongside other adventurous gamers to save the lovely damsel in distress.

The last title in our list of best pc games of 2021 is called post-apocalyptic RPG. This is another hidden object adventure game where you will find yourself in the center of an endless conflict. You are known as the “Resistance”, a group of people who have lost their home and everything else due to a powerful nuclear warhead. You have to help them build a safe place for themselves by finding the underground facility where a top-secret military research facility is located.

Your mission is to find out more about the reason why this military base was shut down as well as find out what happened to everyone inside. Your current objective is to solve puzzles and find clues so that you can uncover the truth. For me, death stranding PC game is the best choice if you like to think out of the box and try something different. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world after the infamous nuclear war devastated the world, forcing survivors to live in the underground facility known as Thimbleweed Park.

The game starts by showing us a new series of shots as we traverse through some ruined streets. The first few rooms seem like just a random maze but as you enter a room with several dead bodies lying on the ground and a helicopter hovers overhead, the scene shifts dramatically. Suddenly, three men in hoodies are standing in front of you, holding guns and brandishing long knives. They ask if you have seen anyone recently and then one of them points to a man lying on the ground near a fallen body. If you look closely, you can see that he is actually wearing Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the game where you can get a virtual reality experience.

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